Exam Preparation

What is IELTS? It stands for International English Language Testing System and it is the one test that measures English proficiency around the world.  These tests are held in over 500 test centers around the world and are held 4 times a month.


Professional English

Our tailor made classes are available to any organization or individual who wants dedicated specific English training that is designed completely to meet your needs and schedules.


General English

Our General English classes are perfect for anyone who is wanting to improve their general English skills. Our classes put great emphasis on the 4 skills needed for the every day activities , writing, reading, speaking and listening. On the whole most students find their English language skills improve dramatically.


TESOL Training

A Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) qualification opens up opportunities to work professionally in any country teaching the more than 1.5 billion people currently learning English.


Business Communication

Do you find your employees are not communicating well with your customers, clients or their co-workers? Is this is affecting the operation of your business and costing you money? With our Business Communication classes you can help improve the English skills of your workforce and ensure your clients don’t go elsewhere.


Welcome to the Australian English Learning Centre Website!

The Australian English Learning Centre is your partner to attain English language work skills and general communication skills. Some of our customers know us as a course provider directly as they enroll in one of our English language and business courses, in Sydney or online. Others know us as the course creator for our partners who provide face-to-face English language courses in cities around the world, or online, or both.

We specialize in assisting learners to achieve their general English or business English goals, or professional goals where they wish to work in an English language environment, either in their home country, or abroad.

Our award-winning courses include video, published material and peer-learning in workshops to engage learners and open pathways for personal and professional development. If you are ambitious and want to work in English, including possibly living in an English-speaking country, we can help you.

We provide:

English language courses
Business courses in English

Tailor made business and professional courses
English exam preparation services

Many of our learners wish to migrate to countries such as Australia. We help with English language courses, including language, cultural awareness and exam preparation services. We also partner with professionals who can assist them with visas and employment opportunities.